Who Are We Really Keeping In The Closet

A parent group in the Anoka-Hennepin school district is protesting the district’s implementation of LGBT awareness measures, including the continued support of a student-led GSA, as part of a plan to decrease bullying and suicide among LGBT students.

According to this news article, the plan actually caused outrage.



And then I realized.

LGBT people of all ages, yes, even LGBT children, are “daring” to be brave, “daring” to come out of the closet—you know, the one where all the different-than-us and not-the-way-we-want-them-to-be people are supposed to be. And remain.

And if parent groups like the one in the Anoka-Hennepin school district can’t keep the “homosexual viewpoint” (their words, not mine) in the closet, they are going to do their best to put their children into one.

They want to shelter school-aged children from the reality that we humans are beautifully diverse in who we are and who we love and that there are different ways of being and different ways of loving.

They don’t want their children learning that sometimes Joey loves Jane, sometimes Joey loves Jimmy, and sometimes Joey feels more like a Jane than a Joey.

Because while our children are wonderfully unique, we want them to grow up to be wonderfully unique in exactly the way we want them to be – just like us.

But if children were to see, really see, that LGBT people are actually just people, and not demons with horns growing out of their heads, well, they might start to think that it would be acceptable for them, too, to grow up to be exactly who they are, and love exactly who they want to love.

And while I might think that that would be a very beautiful thing, for some, I suppose, that could be quite outrageous indeed.


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